Broken Hearts

Have you ever had your heart broken? I'm sure you have, I have! Nearly everyone has suffered a broken heart. But can a broken heart affect your health? Did you know that when we suffer relationship break ups our brains make it similar to physical pain. When we have a broken heart, if you're like me then you listen to 'heart-breaking' songs. There are plenty of heart breaking songs, poems and books. Benenden has a playlist of songs for you if you're suffering with broken heart (I love all of those songs!) To me, song words have a meaning and there is always that one song that will go with how you are feeling.
The average weight gain for women after a relationship break up is 12 - 22lbs! Shocking isn't it? But I can remember the heart breaks I had and I ate like a pig! Most people will eat and just be lazy when their heart is broken. Shockingly a heart is broken every 17 minutes, 27% of women will get dumped by their partners over text.
With real broken hearts you can suffer Heart Broken Syndrome but this is treatable and sufferers may even feel better within days.

It has really shocked me often a heart gets 'broken'. A broken heart will not last forever, if you try and keep yourself busy, or if you have children then you're going to be busy anyway. Keep yourself busy and maybe meet up with friends to get your mind off things.

Take a look at this infographic that Benenden has created:
Where do broken hearts go? infographic
Where do broken hearts go Infographic by benenden health

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  1. Very interesting infographic. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It shocked me! It's very interesting isn't it?! x


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