What Is Blogging?

To start off with, blogging was just like an online diary to me. Something I could jot my daily life down and something that my two daughters can look back at when they are older. But the past few months it has become more than that. I have had the great opportunity to review products and get paid for some posts. I have had so many people contacting me asking 'How do you get free things?' and 'How do you get paid with your blog?' well I am not really going to tell you how, but the only thing you need to know is you have to work really hard on your blog. It's much more work than you think!

You need to try and post at least up to 3 times or more a week. It is handy that you can schedule your posts so a post can still get posted on your blog whilst you're away or busy. The main thing I do with my posts is I do posts that I want to read and write. You need to make your posts very honest and your own words - otherwise there is no point (I don't think anyway).

Reviews/Getting Paid
I am very lucky to be able to review products, host competitions and get paid with some posts but it has taken me months to do this and taken a lot of my time too. If you're just blogging to get some 'reviews' and just to get some 'money' then all I can say is it won't last.

Be Honest
I think the main thing with blogging is - you need to be very honest and just be yourself. There is no use copying anyone else. Everyone dislikes someone, there are loads of very successful bloggers and writers out there who have people who dislike them, but at the end of the day you need to be honest there is no point writing a blogging if you're just going to act as someone else - this will get you nowhere.

Some of my posts are very personal - yet again, they are very honest. I do some personal posts because it's what I would like my daughters to look back on when they are older. This is the main reason why I blog.

What is blogging to you?


  1. I agree with many of these. I write what's on my heart... as a result I am far from being a niche blogger (which according to "experts" that's how you truly monetize your blog). However, I'm happy with the variety of what I post.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. Blogging is lots of things to me - a source of income, a place to vent and an online diary of our lives. It's also a place to be 'me' - it's my time, my space and my words. I am flattered that other people seem to like it - and I agree, it's VERY hard work!


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