Love is..

I was tagged by Catriona ( This tag was made by MyPetitCanard. All you have to do is write what 'Love' means to you. Can be absoloutley anything. So here it goes...

This is what Love means to me:

1. Saying 'goodnight love you, sweet dreams see you tomorrow' to both of my daughters when they have gone to bed.

2. Reading them a story with lots of cuddles.

3. Soppy kisses.

4. Hearing my daughters voices in the morning.

5. First morning smiles from my girls.

6. Saying 'Night, Love You' to my partner.

7. Cuddles with my partner and my girls.

8. Waking up 3am nearly every single night to tuck my eldest daughter back into bed because some how her duvet covers come off (she kicks them off)

9. Waking up again 3-4am to my youngest daughter to change nappy/give juice/just put her back to bed.

10. Waiting up until my partner comes home from a night out. (Which isn't often thank god.)

11. Going to see family as often as i can.

12. Being a supportive, caring and loving family.

13. Being there for my partner and children.

14. Watching my daughters' sleep.

15. Kissing my girls goodnight even though they are sleeping.

16. Coming downstairs half asleep to get more juice for my daughters.

17. Waking up like a zombie in the morning to your children because the kids didn't let you sleep most of the night.

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I hope you all join in :-)


  1. Aww cute, lovely to read :-) I love reading these 'Love is' posts x

    1. It's different yeah Catriona. Thanks for tagging me x


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