Stay Safe This Winter

If you're in the UK then i'm sure you are getting the bad weather? I am living in the hazard part in North Wales, Gwynedd. It's been really scary. Mia's school closed early Wednesday, it doesn't help that the way you walk to her school is so open so the wind really gets to you. She's gone to school today and the school said they are keeping it open as it isn't as bad as Wednesday - which i agree, since i had more control with the pram today than Wednesday.
Only go out if you have to
Don't go out if you don't really need to go. Especially if you have a child in a pram, it's safe to stay home or if you desperetley need to go somewhere or get things, see if a family member can get it or look after your child whilst you pop out quickly to get it.

Stay warm
If you want to save money, put heating on low and then just cover yourselves up. This windy and rainy weather is very very chilly! 

Move out if needed
If you have trees around you or any other dangerous things then try and go somewhere to stay for a couple of nights until the winds have calmed down.

Hold on tight
If you have to go out with your children, hold them very tight. It may be best also if you get one adult per child to keep on the safe side. But again, don't take them out if you don't have to. 

Stay clear
Stay clear of any object/things that can move or break in the wind. 

Hope you all stay safe in this weather. These are just some tips i'm taking on myself so i thought i would share them with you.

Remember: Stay Safe! 


  1. I really hated the strom on Wednesday, was quite scary! X

    1. I'm never usually scared about the weather - but wednesday it really did scare me! Was horrible x

  2. We seem to have had it so easy up here in the North East compared to down south!
    Raining again here but not as bad as it has been!

    1. We had a bad storm here Wednesday. Was really scary. A man has even died too he got hit by a tree bless him. :( Trees, and even traffic lights, slates, roofs broken/fallen! x


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