Reading Books

I love reading books to my girls, and they love looking at books and listening to me reading them too! I think it's quite important to read at least one book a day to your child so they can learn a bit more things. I have a big 'bedtime story' book for Mia which i read one story a night out of it, and when we move house i will be reading it to Mia and Elliw as they will be sharing bedrooms.

Choosing the right one
I never go by the age of toys and books. I go for what i think will be ok for my children. With books i always look at the pictures, the words and the size of the writting. I don't buy books with a lot of writting, but will have to start soon as Mia is getting older. With Elliw she loves lift-the-flap books and picture books.

Make it entertaining
When you read a book to a child you need to make it quite entertaining for them, do silly noises and silly actions. Plus, what may help this is buy a pop up book, or a very colourful book. Last thing you need is the children to just go off half way from reading the book!

Book corner
I can't wait when i move, i'm going to make a book corner in the girls' bedroom. They have so many books so will be a good idea to keep all the books together, and they can just have 'story time' before they go to bed.

Hardback books
I always buy hardback books, if they are book for Elliw then every page is card, not paper because she always rips them! But Mia has some paper back and hardback books. But i always find hardback books last much longer.

No child is to young for a book. Not in my opinion anyway. You can always buy fabric, colourful books. Even though they may not understand what you're saying. They will love to feel the fabric and love to look at the colours, and of course listening to your funny voices whilst you are reading!

Do you read books to you child?


  1. I am a huge advocate for reading with young children. It's so critical to their development. You've shared some lovely tips here.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I love reading books to my girls! They get so excited over them too.

      You too!


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