Mothers Day

Mothers Day for me is a day which you can spend time with your children and family. I had a card, but wasn't really fussed about a present (I didn't have one anyway!). We went for food with my partners parents and Nain yesterday which was really nice. For Mothers Day we spent the day with Iwans mother in the morning, then me an my partner went to go do some painting in the new house then we went to pick Mia up from her Dads and went to visit my Nain and Taid to spend the afternoon in their house.

To me, Mothers Day is a day were you can think of all the special memories you have had with your little ones, spend it with the mothers (or mother figures) in your life. It's not all about spending tons of money. Money doesn't buy love.

I decided to make two hampers. One for my partners mother and the other for my Nain. They were a big hit! They both really liked them, so that made me very happy.

What did you do for Mothers Day?


  1. Awww, so lovely and it sounds like it was a delightful day. Our Mother's Day is in May. I agree, it's a time to focus on love more than anything. We try to make a memory of the day rather than focusing on gifts.

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  2. Lovely idea for their gifts :) you so right about it being a day for spending time together! xx


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