Saturday Evenings

I love Saturday Evenings! Saturdays are always quite busy for us. We go shopping, visit my family and my partners family too. Sometimes we will go out somewhere too, but these past few weeks we have been going to shops to buy paint, wallpaper and all the other things we need for the new house. When the girls go to bed I feel chilled out and relaxed! Even better when there are good shows on to, recently I've bee watching The Voice UK and Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

Sometimes me and my partner will sit and watch a film after watching the shows, but depends what kinds of films are out. Every parent deserves a chilled out relaxing evening don't they? But some don't.. I guess i'm lucky that my girls go to bed early, even though Elliw takes around 2-3 hours to settle down!

I also try and get on top of my blog work too! I haven't been blogging so much recently as usual, I've just been so so busy!

How do you like spending your Saturday Evenings?

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