Slimming World Update

Well guess what?! I have done it!! I have finally gone back to my 2 stone loss. This week I lost;


Yes, I have lost 2lbs again this week. Which puts me to 2 stone and half a pound off! I feel so happy and so determined. Like I said in my other post; posting photos of what I eat on my Instagram page really does help me stay on track. Even posting on here is helping me.

I have had quite a few compliments this week too off people, saying I look slimmer and my face and shoulders look different too. I do try and excersise too, that includes; walking and workouts. I haven't worked this week as I have been doing my exercise by painting, packing and sorting the house out ready to move. I'm going to Liverpool with the girls end of June and I have set a target to lose another stone by then so that would mean I have lost 3 stone, but i'm going to try my best and aim for just over 3 stone. I have gone from a size 20 - 22 to a size 16 - 18.

I feel so much healthier and have noticed I can do much more things. It may sound a little sad but I can even sit on my knees and bend down to my knees and balance (if you get me?) I could never do it before - so I am one happy bunny!

Here is a before and after photo;

Before -
I need to get better before and after photos! Will try and find some and put them up when I have found them!


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations! keep up the good work. You are beautiful Bethan... inside and out.

    I will continue to cheer you on. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Aw thank you so much Jennifer! Means a lot :)

      Hope you have a lovely weekend too!


  2. Well done!!
    You look so different now compared to the before photo :-)
    Sounds like your new instagram was a good idea! xxx


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