Pancake Pile Up Game Review

 I was recently contacted by Learning Resources to do another review of one of their product. I was very excited, because my eldest daughter absolutely loved the last toy we were sent to review and she still loves it. This time we were given a game called 'Pancake Pile Up' for ages 4-8 years.
This is a really fun game and a great way to bond with your child. One main thing I really liked about this game was it got Mia's brain working! It's a very fun game but also a very educating game too. Whilst they are having fun they don't realise they are also learning something new.

With this game there are 10 pancakes with different toppings, 2 butter cubes, 2 plates and 2 spatulas. Also there are 10 order cards. You set out the two plates and get the spatulas ready in your hand then you choose a card, copy the order of the pancakes and then who does it first wins!

Me and Mia had a go and it really got my brains working to but we were laughing so much whilst we were playing it! I would really recommend this game. Great game to have by Pancake Day March 4th, but also a great game to have in any household.

Mia wanted to play this over and over again. Elliw joined in to, I helped her a bit though of course but both girls had so much fun. Mia even took them to her dads for the weekend too. Both girls love this game.

You can buy this game for £14.95 here.

* I was kindly sent this product for free in return of an honest review. All photos and words are my own. All words are honest and my own opinion.

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