Being An Aunty

These past few months have been very different! I've noticed how different times have changed. It's weird. The most different thing that I still haven't got 100% used to is; my brother being a Dad and me being an aunty to such a beautiful little boy called Osian.

I have always wanted to be an Aunty. But I never thought I would have been an Aunty now! I thought I would have had to wait years and years until my little sister (who is 9) was much older and had children of her own. As I never ever thought my brother would have children. Hearing the news that him and his partner were expecting a child - I was over the moon! No words could describe how I felt. I actually had tears in my eyes! I couldn't believe that I was going to be an aunty and I couldn't believe that my LITTLE brother was going to be a DAD!

I have to say, the mother of Osian is one of the best mothers I know. Ive known her for a good few years and my girls have been brought up to knowing her with my brother Nathan too. Catriona (my brothers partner) is one lovely girl and trys her very best to be a great mother to Osian - which she is 100%! She also has a lovely blog which you can read here.

I was so excited to find out what they were having, you would actually think it was me who was pregnant ha ha! I had already had a box full of baby items such as clothes, newborn nappies, hats and so on ready for the little one. When the 20 week scan came, I couldn't wait! And it was a BOY! I was so SO happy for them! Maybe a tad jealous because I've always wanted a baby boy ha ha! But I was over the moon for them both.

That special day came - The day Catriona went into labour with Osian! 22nd October! I made sure my phone was on. However, it came around 9.45pm and my phone went flat! But I was just watching the end of a programme that was on and that finished 10pm and thought 'she won't have given birth by then!'.. But oh how I was wrong! I went to bed and it was around 10.15pm - 10.30pm I had missed calls and texts saying Osian had been born at 10.04pm weighing 7lbs 13.5oz! I couldn't believe I had missed the first call, I am still gutted about it!

I remember the very first photo my brother had sent me;
I cried happiness when I saw this photo on my phone! I was so happy and proud of Catriona and Nathan.

I couldn't wait for the first cuddle of my first nephew. We all went to visit him in hospital the next day, however Mia and Elliw weren't allowed in because of some rules! Mia was really upset! But anyway, I went in and I couldn't believe how tiny he was! I had big babies (8lbs 9oz and 9lbs 8oz) so it was so weird and a big change seeing such a small little baby.

I grabbed the chance to have a cuddle. I couldn't wait.

 I love this photo of Catriona, Nathan and Osian. It just shows how times have changed that my brother has his very own little family, and I am so proud and happy for them both.


  1. Awwww, so sweet. I can't imagine being an auntie. My brother is 22 and I don't know if he's even considering life with a family of his own. He's still young though.

    So sweet. Congratulations to all of you.

  2. aww how lovely, you just brought a tear to my eye!! and Osian told me he loves having you as an Aunty too :) xxx


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