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I can't believe on the 5th of May my little blog will be 1 Years Old! Where has the time gone?! I have loved every minute of it. Met some lovely people. Read and discovered fantastic blogs along the way. Most of all I have been very lucky to work with some fantastic companies. I started this blog as an online diary for my girls to look back at when they are older. But over the past few months it started to be something else too, I started reviewing products for great companies, doing sponsored posts and writing tips and advice to other parents out there. My blog wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't for all my fantastic readers out there! So yes, I do have something planned for all you special readers :-) But you will all have to wait and see!

5th May 2013 I wrote my very first blog post which you can read here. My first ever product review was with Stardust Kids. You can find the review here. I remember getting that e-mail saying that they would like me review for them, I was just so excited. I've always loved writing ever since I was a child. For Christmas I would always get pen and papers and they were always my favourite presents! So blogging was the perfect thing for me! Even though I'm not the best at spelling and explaining things, I just write what I think and what I want!

I also have to thank a friend of mine, who you all probably know! It's Kerry who blogs over at OhSoAmelia. The amount of times I have messaged her asking her things about blogging - i'm sure she is fed up of seeing my name popping up on Facebook ha ha! My brother is best friends with her brother and I had the lovely chance to meet Kerry and the gorgeous little Amelia a few months ago!

Whilst doing this post, I am looking at my stats and I am really shocked and very happy that I have people reading my blog from the other side of the world! I haven't blogged much in the past few weeks, because I've been moving house etc! But I will be back to normal very soon!

So far I have reached 29,200+ page views in total!
I would love to reach 30,000 by the 5th of May!

My most read posts are;
Hello Kitty Review
Do Advice Pages Really Help Us?

Keep a look out for what I have planned for all my great readers!
Also, keep a look out for posts coming soon where you can know a lot more about me.

Once again, Thank you very much to all the fantastic companies who have given me the chance to review their products and to all my lovely readers! :-)

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! Congratulations on one year of blogging! You're doing splendidly!

    Looking forward to another year with you.


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