Update of our house

So then, here is an update of our very own home! We've been working really hard in the past few weeks. I've been busy wallpapering, cleaning, tidying and painting with my Taid. Whilst Iwan and his Dad has been busy building and getting the log burner ready!
Since these photos were taken, there has been carpets put down. But I will do an update once all of upstairs has finished :-) Can't wait too show you all.

This is mine and Iwan's bedroom. We decided to go for this black and gold tree wallpaper as we thought it was a little different than the others we had seen in the shops. We were very lucky to choose this because when we went to the shop to get the paper the price had gone all the way down to £1 each! How great is that?! We only needed 2 rolls so we only spent £2 for our feature wall.

This is Mia and Elliw's bedroom wallpapered and painted! From the start I said I didn't want a character based bedroom but this wallpaper caught my eye and I just had to get it. It's also very girly and natural with the light pink colour. I have also bought them new wardrobes since their other ones have broken. This will be the first time they are going to share a bedroom so it should be quite interesting!

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