Bank Holiday Family Afternoon.

Mia came back early on Bank Holiday, and I was really looking forward for a family day out! She came back about 2pm and we all got ready and off we went by 3pm. The sun was still shinning, and it was still warm. I dressed the girls in pretty pink dresses with little white cropped cardigans with frilly white socks and summer sandals! They actually looked like twins, it was so cute!

We decided to go to Beddgelert, which is about 10-15 minutes away from us. When we first got there, there wasn't anywhere to park, I was gutted. So Iwan drove out of Beddgelert then we decided to try again just incase, and luckily we got a parking space straight away!
I love going to Beddgelert, it is such a lovely walk! Last year we went with just Elliw because Mia was In her Dads, so I was a little too excited for all 4 of us to go out as a little family. We don't get much family days with Mia because she is in her Dads every weekend Saturday until Sunday, but when she is home and Iwan is off, we try to have a family day out as much as we can.

It was really busy, loads of people walking and loads of people were in the river too! The girls got soaked after playing in the river. They really enjoyed themselves that's the main thing.

The girls were so tired after their afternoon outing. I was tired watching them!

What did you get up to this Bank Holiday? Link up your posts in the comments if you have written a post.

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