Daddys Little Helper.

Elliw loves being nosey at what other people are doing. Iwan was sorting the garden out on Bank Holiday (26/05/2014) and Elliw was constantly in the window looking at him, so when it was safer for her to go, he told me to put her boots on and let go out with him. I had a peep through the window to look at what she was doing and thought 'I just have to take a photo'! She looked so cute.

She loves trying to help her Dad! Copies nearly everything he does. She kept trying her best to pick the wheelbarrow up ha ha! She also took her Dad's small shovel spade and picked mud up and put it in the wheelbarrow - so cute!

She loved him pushing her around in the wheelbarrow, but she got fed up in the end. Oh and her trousers were filthy after this too!!

Elliw is a proper Daddy's little girl. She looks exactly like him - nothing like me! She was out with him for ages. Even had dinner outside with her Daddy which she loved doing. But gave him a row everytime he tried to steal a crisp of her ha ha. Elliw had a very full-on busy day!

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  1. Awww!! She's so cute :-) although you don't see it I think she does look like you too, just more like Iwan! xx


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