We Are Planning A Holiday

I have never been abroad before. However, Iwan has. Iwans parents own a house in Thailand, which me and the girls will go there one day! I have been thinking past few months that I would love to take the girls to Disney Land. So I have been looking at prices online and the prices are ridiculously expensive! So I am going to a travel agents soon to see if I can pay monthly or any other way.

Before we go on our very first holiday abroad as a family I really really would like to loose another 3 stone as then I will be near by target. I want to feel comfortable and enjoy myself. Not worrying how I look. I really can't wait to go abroad. I've always wanted to go New York, and now I have a cousin who lives there which is even more of an excuse to visit NY.

We both feel like we really need a break from here. We would love to go away for atleast a week or more. I really can't wait to go to Thailand with Iwans parents. It will be really nice to go somewhere, not worry about a hotel and just enjoy ourselves and relax.

Anyone have any tips on planning a holiday?

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  1. That's so exciting! When you planning on going? Xx


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