2 Girls, 2 Year Age Gap

I'll be honest - I never knew how hard it would be having 2 children with just a 2 year age gap. I thought it would be much easier than this, fact is - it isn't. But I just get along with it day by day. Some days it can be nice and happy but most days it can be very stressful, heartbreaking and full of arguments and fighting (mia and elliw!). Elliw has been in the stage of smacking and hitting for quite a while now and If she has a row off me, she will laugh. I have started with the naughty step but I cant do it all the time otherwise she would be there all day! That's how much she misbehaves through the day.

With Elliw being 2 years old and Mia 4 (nearly 5) years old now I do think they were so much easier when they were younger. With Elliw being at the stage where she is learning to talk and where she can actually argue/shout back at Mia if they are arguing and she can steal her toys if Mia is playing nicely. Mia does do it back Elliw sometimes too though. I'm just finding Elliw very hard recently.

I do look forward to the evenings as I can just relax. I am quite lucky that both my girls will go to bed between 6-7pm. But recently Mia has decided she wants to play in her bedroom before going to sleep, most nights she will play around too much and want me to go up to her loads of times, but I don't give in! I just tell her she has to go to sleep. Elliw settles within 30 minutes - 3 hours! or longer sometimes, depends how she has been in the day.

One thing I do find very handy with them only have a 2 year age gap and with them being at the age they are at now is how they can share their clothes! Elliw wears a lot of Mias clothes now which I find very handy. I haven't bought many clothes for them recently because they have so much now!

When I was pregnant with Elliw I always wondered 'how can I share my love with Mia and the new baby?!' I really thought it was impossible. But the minute she was born I knew I loved both my girls exactly the same.

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it would be having two! I think you're doing a great job :) xx


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