Terrible 2's

Elliw has never really been the easiest child to bring up, but who's is?! I have found Elliw harder to handle than Mia. I do think she gets really frustrated because she can't talk and tell me what exactly is wrong. But she will be able too soon hopefully.
These past few days Elliw has been really moody, grumpy and miserable! She has been crying over anything and everything, shes also been pushing her luck. I'll tell you a little story of what happened the other day -
I was looking after one of my friends little boy and he told me that Elliw was in the bathroom (AGAIN) so I went upstairs and there she was standing by Mia's bedroom door with a shampoo bottle in her hand. She looked at me with a huge smile and turned the shampoo bottle upside down and laughed!!
Terrible 2's are here! I knew they get naughtier when they are older, but Mia was never like how Elliw was. But whatever she does I still love her to pieces even the times ive caught her sticking her hand down the toilet, blocking the toilet with tissue and paper, drawing on the walls, hitting me, hitting Mia, hitting her Dad, hardly ever listening to me and list continues!
There are a few things I try to do when she goes into her bad tempers;

1. Take her out for a walk.
I find this distracts her, im lucky really that I need to go for a 10-15 minute walk to school and back twice a day. But otherwise I think taking her for a walk where she can walk really does distract her and puts her in a better mood! Must be something in the air once we're out of the house. Or maybe she is bored being in the house?!

2. Keep them busy.
I try to keep her busy with maybe a film on TV or some activities at home. But I do find it quite hard when I need to do housework and having Mia too. But I try my best!

What do you do when your child throws a tantrum?


  1. While reading through this all I've been thinking is 'I've got all this to come' haha, hopefully she'll grow out her of the terrible 2 stage soon :) xx

    1. Haha yes you do! However naughty 3'd and whatever you call the 4's .. are much harder/worse haha

  2. I thought I had got away with terrible twos but no, we are having terrible 2 3/4s haha! We enforce the naughty step in our house. We don't have to use it often but when she pushes her luck off she goes and it works... for now! Lol


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