#getgoodsummer #1

This is my first week joining the lovely Clarina Contemplations in her new-ish link up #Getgoodsummer. So I hope i'm doing this right!

There are a few things I would like to achieve this summer so i'll let you all in on the first 5 things i'd like to achieve ;

1. Exercise more.
I do walk quite a lot daily because of the school runs, but after next week that will stop because school is shut until September so I would like to make sure I still go out for walks often every day/week. I used to exercise for atleast 30-45 minutes a day before when I was doing my own home-workouts which I really enjoyed. So I will have to start doing them again I think, also I rode a bike for the first time in years last weekend and I really enjoyed it so I am going to start doing that in the evenings too, we're lucky we just live round the corner from the cycle track.

2. More activities.
I'd like to do much more activites with the kids through the summer. Its not very likely that the garden is going to be finished for this summer so I will need to find activities for indoors and maybe on walks too. I really need to buy a new printer!

3. See friends more.
This is one thing I don't do often. I don't see my friends as much as I'd like. At the end of the day we all have busy lives, I don't live that close to most of my friends, only one or two of my friends drive so its quite hard. Plus with the girls in school I have a routine so I can't take my girls out of school just to visit friends but through the summer im going to try and make more of an effort.

4. Visit family.
My family live about 30-40 minutes away from me, but I would like to make more of an effort to go and see them through the summer. Even though they all drive, it would be nice for me to take the kids on the bus and have a good day with the family at theirs. We do go on most weekends to see them but since the girls will both be out of school, im going to try and go weekdays.

5. Loose weight.
As you probably know im on a weight loss journey with slimming world. I've lost 3 stone up to now (gained yesterday). But I will get back on track and I will loose another stone by September. I HAVE too!


  1. They sound like really good plans and goals for the summer- three stone weight loss is amazing!

  2. Wow, 3 stone is fab. I have only heard good things about slimming world. I might try the online version x

  3. Best of luck with your goals, sounds like you're really determined :) #getgoodsummer

  4. Lovely goals for the summer. It's always really nice to see friends and family. We don't live near our family or best friends. Sometimes it can mean that you spend more quality time together when you do see them as you've had to make more of effort to travel etc.

  5. Welcome to #GetGoodSummer ! So lovely to have you joining us! Hoping it will be an encouragement to keep striving for those goals! Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds for you!


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