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If you've read previous posts then you probably know that we have been in the process of buying a house. Well we have been living her now for roughly 2 months. We love it here, the place is so quiet! It came to me the other day that I hadn't taken any photos to show my readers what our home looks like. So I thought I would do a few posts now and then, and i'll start with Mia and Elliw's bedrooms.
To start off with both girls were sharing the big bedroom (above) but they weren't settling and thought it would be much better to separate them again, so that is what we did. Elliw has the big bedroom and Mia has the smaller bedroom (the old playroom). The only reason we decided to do that was because I let the girls go play in the bedrooms in the day and I didn't fancy the big bedroom to be full of toys, so I decided to keep the small room (Mia's bedroom) as a playroom but shared as Mia's bedroom too. Took her a while to settle but she's fine!

As we thought they were sharing a bedroom, we had only decorated one bedroom as you can see. We wanted a light and calm bedroom so we chose a light pink with a Minnie Mouse wallpaper as a feature wall. We will now have to decorate Mia's 'new' bedroom, but we will do it after Christmas I think. She is fine with how it is at the moment. We will see how much money and time we have.

 I think having a 'reading' corner in a child's bedroom is quite important. It doesn't have to be a 'reading corner' but I do think having books in a child's bedroom is a big must have! Every birthday and Christmas they will both have books. Even on a normal day they will have a book!
The girls have all kinds of books, as you can probably see, there are a few Christmas books there! But I leave them, they both love looking at books and both have stories before they go to sleep.

Mia's Bedroom:

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