Weight Loss Update

I thought I would do a quick update of my weight loss this week. Last week I lost 3lbs but the previous week I gained 3lbs so I was very happy I managed to get all that gain off in a week. Something I've never been able to do before. So I was very pleased.

I will be getting weighed later on this evening. But my scales show I've got a maintain or a small loss - even though I had a massive pizza and garlic bread pizza on Friday night! But maybe I've just balanced it out, we will see. Last week I was very motiviated but once I go off 'plan' I find it quite hard to stick to afterwards. Especially now that it is the summer holidays, and I am doing reward charts for the girls I have brought new treats to the house such as Angel Delights, Peppa Pig Cakes, Buscuits and so on. The biscuits have gone actually, we never have biscuits in this house usually but 1 big packet was gone in 2-3 days. Is that bad? I didn't eat them all though! Well anyway, back on the weight loss subject. I can actually tell you all that I do feel totally different. I can feel that I have lost weight and I can see it myself too. Here is a few Q&A's to make it easier.

How much have you lost? 3 stone 3.5lbs.

What was your start weight? 17 stone 3.5lbs.

What is your current weight? 14 stone 0.5lbs.

What is your target? 10 stone 3.5lbs.

What size clothes were you when you started? Size 20-22.

What size clothes are you now? 16 mostly. 18 in some jeans.

How many inches have you lost? Over 12 inches around the hips.

How do you feel? I feel happy, much more confident and feel that I have much more energy than I used to. Even though its may sound like something small to you all, but when I sit down I can actually put one leg over the other properly! That is one way I know I have lost weight. I know I have a very long way to go again. Another 4 stone in fact, but I will get there and I will do it. I am going to Thailand next year and I am hoping to have reached my target by then, however I am dreading Christmas! I think I will have to ask everyone to buy NO chocolates, but wouldn't mind one or two boxes but that is all! I am going to try my best this Christmas as last Christmas I gained over 5lbs I am sure, and then I got stuck for about 2 months where I wasn't loosing any weight, or if I was - the week after I was gaining it all back on again! I CAN do it!!

Here are a few photos of my weight loss journey so far...

Mama and More


  1. Wow!!! Good for you, you are looking amazing! I really admire you for sticking with it. It is NOT easy to diet, i should know I've been trying to lose a stone for at least 6 months, so the fact you've managed to stick with it, believe in yourself and stay motivated to lose 3 is brilliant. Keep up the good work :) xxx

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xxx

  2. Slow and steady wins the race :) Don't try to do too much too soon. All in it's own time :)


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