Total Opposite Sisters.

When I was pregnant with Elliw I always wondered what kind of personality she would have and if her and Mia would be similar or totally different. From when she was born she was totally different to Mia. She took roughly 7-8 months until she slept for a full night, she would cry if she was held or seen a man and she was a very hard baby to settle at bed time. Elliw's development was totally different to Mia's, here is a bit of their development.
Walking - Mia started walking 2 weeks after her 1st birthday and Elliw started walking around 15 months old however she wouldn't walk outside until 18-19 months old.
Crawling - Mia was around 8-9 months and Elliw was around 10 months.
Talking - Mia started saying a few words such as 'dada' etc at around 8 months if I remember and Elliw was around 11-12 months, however she is still learning to talk at the moment.

As they're growing up their personalities are so different. There is only a 2 years and 3 months age gap between them and it is quite mad how different they both are. Mia is a shy girl if she hasn't met someone before or if she is in a big group with people she doesn't know, when Elliw is very confident with anyone but cant get shy sometimes but not like her big sister.

One thing they are very much alike is they are both very caring children. If they see you cry then they will come up to you and give you lots of kisses and cuddles. On the other hand Elliw's temper tantrums are awful. She will hit, scream and kick Mia if they are arguing, luckily she is slowly coming out of the stage of randomly hitting Mia out of nowhere. As she is still struggling to learning to speak proper words (she is getting there though!) she gets very frustrated and starts tantrums often as we don't understand what she wants/needs.

Mia would rather sit down with her pen and paper, cuddle up and read stories. Whilst Elliw loves to run around, play with her toys, sing and dance! She will cuddle up and sit quiet for a bit but not very often.

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