My Ikea Wishlist

In the weeks time, on the first weekend in November me and my partner have decided we are going to go out for the day to Ikea! Hopefully we can finish nearly all of our Christmas shopping then too. We really want to get the living room and our bedroom sorted out by Christmas time. Our bedroom is decorated we would just like it to be more cosey for us! Also going to try and do something to Mia's bedroom soon too, hopefully make it like a Frozen theme, we will see!

I went to have a look on the IKEA's website and there isn't that many stuff online so I am hoping there are more stuff in store. I would like a side table in the living room as it would be really handy for when we have our food I can put my drink on the table instead of the heater or the floor! I'd really like a nicer colour rug in the living room than the one we got now. The one we have now is a grey colour and I think a nice brown would suit the room better. A mirror in a living room makes the room feel a bit bigger and makes it more 'homely' I think. Going to buy a few shelves for the bedrooms and the living room. I think it would help with storage and making the rooms look much nicer!


  1. Trust me there will be loads in the shop!! I love Ikea :) which one are you going to? xx

    1. I haven't been for about 2 years. And urm one near warrington? I THINK xx


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