Things To Do Half Term.

Last week of school for the kids this week until Half Term next week! We haven't got much things planned yet at the moment because the weather is a bit disappointing however we have been given tickets to go to a theme park and the review will be up for you all too see soon! I'm quite lucky that my job is only term time so I don't work on school holidays. It's so easy for the kids to get bored at home so i do try and take them out daily or atleast every other day.

Activites at home.
If it is raining you could do some colouring, painting, play-dough or even baking with the kids! There are quite a lot of indoor activities you could do with the kids that they will love. If it's painting, colouring then they would be great for Christmas presents to relatives maybe?!

Take the kids outside to play, even if its a raining a little i'm sure the kids would love the 'Jump In Muddy Puddles' as that famous Peppa Pig says! You can take them for walks or to the park.

Meet Up.
Maybe you have friends who have kids of their own? Go meet up with them, let the kids play and keep them busy.

You could take the kids swimming. Some swimming pools let kids have a free swimming hour. You can check you local Council website for more information.

Movie Day.
Stay indoors, put a movie on with some snacks on the side! Every child would love this. Bring the duvet down and have some bonding time with your child(ren)!

What will you be doing this Half Term?

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