Plan Your Break

Whether your a single parent or weather your a couple with a child/children, every single parent deserves a break. Whether it is a break on your own in the evening/day or going away for a night or two as a couple or with a friend. As much as I love my children I don't understand how some parents cope with never having a break but don't get me wrong I put my hands up to them! I don't get a break often, in fact my break is when I go to work or if my partner takes Elliw out whilst I keep the shopping. Mia goes to her Dad's every Saturday - Sunday evening which is handy but Elliw by herself is still like having two children! It's mad how one child is totally different to the other isn't it?
I do try and get Mia's Dad to take her for longer when it comes to school holidays as I do think i deserve a break now and then. As a parent we have to plan our break in advance don't we?

Find a Babysitter.
You will need to find a babysitter if you are planning to go away or just want a few hours to yourself. Ask a friend or a family member but it would be best if that child knows the person(s) too. The last thing you want to do is leave the child with someone they don't know properly and then you get a phone call later on saying they won't settle.

Plan your date.
The date of your 'break' will need to work around yourself and your babysitter. Choose a date that both of you are free, if you are booking a hotel it is best to book in advance or last minute.

You don't want to go way too far from where your child is. However, i have known people who go abroad without their children. If i ever did that then the longest i would go for would be 2-3 days and i would have to go back home to them. Otherwise the place me and my partner go is Chester. You can read about our recent getaway here.

If you're planning to go away for a bit then it is always nice to save money aside for you to treat yourself (and your partner). or maybe get something small for your child(ren) too.

When dropping your child off to their babysitter it's best to make sure you pack everything and ask them if they need anything such as a Travel Cot, Saftey Gate or a Saftey bar for the bed. Always pack extra clothes, nappies, wet wipes etc and pack clothes for all kinds of weathers just in case. You could always give a spare key to them for your house just in case they need something that you forgot to give them.

How often do you go for a 'break' from the kids?

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