Penblwydd Hapus Cyntaf Osian!

Happy First Birthday to my Beautiful Nephew, Osian Wyn!

I can't belive a year has gone by already. I don't see you as often as I like since we live quite far-ish from each other but I do try to see you as often as I can and your Mammy comes up here when she can too! Such a special little boy! You've grown to be such a handsome, cheeky and clever little boy. I love that cheeky smile and laugh of yours. Plus you're nearly walking by yourself too! Look at what your Mummy wrote about your First Step here. It's so hard to believe that today last year was when you were born. I remember getting so excited waiting for the text! I had a long-ish first labour with your Cousin Mia so I wasn't expecting you to come so quick. I was watching the end bit of something on TV and my phone went flat and I thought 'Catriona won't give birth by the time I put my phone on charge' well guess what! You did! Whenmy phone was on charge and switched on you were already born! I nearly cried that I missed the phone call but I had happy tears that I was actually an Aunty for the first time! I've always wanted be to be an Aunty and I'm now a proud aunty to a one-year old little boy! Looking forward to these next few years to see what kind of little boy your turn out to be! So exciting. You really enjoyed your First Birthday Party and we all did too! Your Mummy did a fantastic job with the organising and all the food. It was really nice that we had most of the family together under one roof!

Here are a few old posts I had written when you were born;
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Here are a few photos from the past year!

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  1. Aww I love this post!! I love the pictures you have put together too xxxx


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