Gift Guide For Him & Her.

Are you all ready for Christmas? It's coming quick isn't it? If you have a big family or a lot of friends it can be really hard to think what gifts to get! Here are a few gift ideas for him & her.

1. Jewellery Hanger
Every woman has some Jewellery laying around somewhere. I actually need one of these, I keep all my jewellery in a box but I only wear jewellery when I go for a night out or a special occasion! I should wear it more often but being a mum I just don't have the time to dress up fancy every day! Some mothers do have time but me, well I prefer my long tops and leggings that's it for me!

2. Pyjamas
I love new pyjamas and I really hope I get a new pair this year for Christmas! It's deffintley on my 'wish' list for Christmas. I very rarely buy myself new pyjamas, I've only got two or three pairs but I am quite fussy on the material of pyjamas. It has be a certain type of pyjamas! Odd I know ha ha!

3. Yankee Candle
Check out the price! £14.99 for a large jar! Ideal. I've never owned a Yankee Candle but would love to buy one soon too see what all the fuss is about as I do love my candles when my partner is out working and i'm home alone! I think its a nice comfort especially when there is a lovely smell too!

3. Watch
I haven't worn a watch for years, I am just so used to using my phone to tell the time. I should really get one and get used to wearing one again. My Nain loves her watches and I've bought her one for this Christmas as I always forget she likes watches so this year I am well prepared!

4. Perfume
Every girls wants perfume! At the moment I am using AVON Instinct Forbidden perfume but my absolute favourite perfume has to be Lady Million! I think the smell is absolutely gorgeous!

5. Life Story
I think this gift is so lovely. You can jot down your lifetime memories and maybe pass it on when you're older or when you pass. It's such a lovely idea for someone in the near future to take a look back at your life. Such a sentimental item that would be worth the money.

6. Chocolates
Every girl wants some chocolates! Im going to try my best not to eat so much chocolate this year for Christmas but we will see when the day comes. Which chocolate is your favourite?

1. Mug
Every man should own a personalised mug! Whether it is a Dad, Grandad or a personalised quote! These a great gifts for anyone. Sure to keep someone happy.

2. Fragrance For Men
Another great gift for men is some new fragrance! This is one of my partners Christmas gifts. Always a great gift for any occasion.

3. Nightwear
Just like women, every man likes a new dressing gown or pyjamas so they can relax in after a long day at work! Or just for a lazy sunday in the house.

4. Wash Set
This is a fantastic gift for any occasion! These presents are probably the most popular, they definitely are with me anyway! If you have no idea what to get someone a wash set is always a great gift. You can get great offers this time of year with them too.

5. Slippers
There are so many choices of slippers around! I think slippers is on my Christmas list for my partner this year. He seems to like wearing his slippers, its handy when you have wooden flooring and your feet do get cold without slippers.

6. Watch
Another great gift to get a man is a watch! My partner likes to wear his watch when he goes out for a drink, so its basically only worn to be on 'show' otherwise he doesn't bother but there are a lot of men out there who would appreciate this gift.

Have you sorted your gifts out yet ready for Christmas?


  1. What lovely ideas! I do like the Jewellery Hanger :)

  2. You can't go wrong with Lady Million perfume and a Yankee Candle! :)

  3. Got some good ideas now, thanks for your help x

  4. Fab ideas! Reading this has made me feel all festive already - love it :)


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