Watching Them Grow.

It's coming to that time of year where my first born is another year older and my second daughter will be another year older in March. I really can't believe how fast they are growing. It is mad to think that this time 5 years ago I was pregnant with Mia and this time 3 years ago I was pregnant with Elliw.

 When I look at these photos it makes me feel so emotional! The top photo wasn't this time 3 years ago, it was more closer to March i'm sure, I should of dated it! I really do miss that 'exciting' feeling of going to scans then the exciting feeling of holding my little girls for the first time. The thoughts you had when you were pregnant 'what will she looks like', 'who's features will she have' etc. Watching them grow up to two little girls has been amazing and I'm looking forward to plenty more years. I can't wait to see how they're going to be as teenagers and young women! I will probably regret saying that when the time comes as teenagers are moody and full attitude ha ha. I just can't wait to go for that first 'bra shop' or help them with choosing make-up and so on! I am really enjoying them at the age they're at now and I am so greatful on how healthy, beautiful and lovely they both really are. If you know me in real life then you might know that I didn't have a mother and daughter relationship with my own mother so I feel very strongly that I am going and I am trying to be the best mother to my both my daughters.

Mia has grown up to be a bubbly, kind and funny little girl. Really can't believe she will be 5 next week. Her favourite thing to do is write, draw and colour, she loves playing 'teachers and school' just like how I was when I was a little girl. She really does remind me of myself when I was younger, I love watching her play but obviously I don't make it obvious that I am watching her or she would tell me to go away ha ha! She loves having her stories at night times before bed but now she loves copying the words with me so maybe this time next year she will be reading the story to me! We will see. She insists that she is right at most things but I do tell her that she doesn't need to listen to me when she is wrong! A girl thing I guess right? She is a great big sister and loves looking after Elliw and her other sister when she is in her Dad's. Her two favourite people is me and her Nain on her Dad's side. She loves my partner taking her to school in the van when he gets the chance. Her best friend is called Llio and they have been best friends since day one of school. Every Monday she gets her homework from school and she wants to do it the minute she comes home! She cant have bad attitude, actually a stinking attitude but its not very often anymore (thank god)! She loves her cuddles and says lovely things out of the blue. Mia loves to dance! She loves listening and singing to Frozen - Let It Go and loves the song Gangnam style!

My youngest little girl. It is really hard to believe that the baby girl of the family is turning 3 in March next year. Hopefully we will be away in Thailand for 3 weeks in March so her birthday will be spent in Thailand which would be lovely! Elliw can be a right handful at times but otherwise she is a bright, funny, bubbly and kind little girl just like her sister Mia! She loves her drawings and colourings just like Mia too. Elliw loves to sing and dance, preferably she loves to dance to 'dance beaty' music and Mia loves to dance such as ballet dance! Total opposite! Her favourite song is Let it go and Gangnam Style. I would like to make Elliw a big sister in the future but we will see! We are enjoying life right now with our two beautiful little girls. Elliw has got a huge personality! She will show you when she wants something and she will want it there and then! She can be a right handful at that but that is where me and my partner come in and learn her that you cant get things there and then, right? She loves people brushing and playing with her hair lightly she will go into a daze! She is getting really good at her speech now which we're so proud of as she has been a little behind. She also loves her cuddles and will go up to anyone - even strangers for cuddles, which isn't a good thing!

They're both right little characters and still finding their own personalities! I am really looking forward for these years to see them grow up again, as much as i'd love them to go back to little new born babies again I've treasured those precious memories and ready for even more memories with them!

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  1. Aww this is a lovely post :) they've been changing loads recently everytime I see them they seem more and more grown up! Xxx


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