How To Plan An Affordable Christmas

We all know how expensive Christmas can be but it doesn't have to be so stressful or expensive! The thing I hate is being skint over the Christmas holidays. In my eyes Christmas is a family time however you can never stop worrying about money, unless you're famous I guess! But yet again we don't really know how they feel with money either. Everyone struggles with money in a certain way don't they?

I do think planning ahead is a huge help with having a stress free Christmas. It may be a shock to you but I have already started saving up for Christmas 2015!! Mad right?! I've never started for a future Christmas before but I think it will be ideal when the time comes because the year goes so quick doesn't it? I've done some Love2Shop vouchers and Primark vouchers. The Love2Shop vouchers isn't a lot of money, plus we like to do our Christmas shopping around October time but the vouchers wont be here until end of November so I will just be buying the last bits out of that and I will be keeping the Primark vouchers until after Christmas! I can't wait!

1. Savings Account.
You can go to your bank and do a savings account. You can choose an amount you can afford to put into the account, this is another thing I am considering myself!

2. Vouchers.
Like I said above ordering love2shop vouchers is a great way of saving up some money for Christmas! So simple and easy if you do direct debit.

3. Bargains
Look around the shops for bargains. If you see something you like, how about look around in shops or online first before you actually buy it. Prices can shock you!

4. Shop all year round.
Start your Christmas shopping now or in January Sales! Grab your sales and bargains! And get them all ready before December.

How do you make sure you have a stress-free Christmas?


  1. I think I'm going to look into Love2Shop vouchers, they seem like a really good idea.
    I've found some great bargains for Xmas presents, Getting the odd thing here and there when it's on offer has really helped me keep the cost down so far.


  2. Some great tips - I've definitely tried to do number 4 this year, but will do more next year! x


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