A Day Out With My Princess.

           A day out with my princess.
Every women loves shopping and when it comes to shopping for her kid, it becomes more exciting. Being mom is the best part and when I plan a day out with my daughter I always make a To Do List like where to go, where my little princess will be safe, where do I get good stuff of her clothes. Seeing my daughter growing up everyday turns me more responsible. She is currently in play school and she loves making friends. She loves playing games like candy crush saga, temple run on my phone.  

Its Bowling time
She watched some movie about bowling and her friends also told how much fun they had during mini-bowl. After listening, as any child would be, she wanted to try it out too. I took my l’il princess out for her first bowling and she was so happy. I felt blessed the moment I saw her cutest little smile. We played for a while, tried all the games and she won few toys and a teddy bear.

A pink fairy dress
She has a Fancy Dress competition at her school and she wanted to be a fairy. I got exactly what I wanted for my baby, pink seems to be a perfect colour. She just looked a tiny fairy. I still remember her tiny legs when I carried her for the first time. We took lots of snaps as she didn't want to lose a single moment.

Its dinner time
My daughter loves pizza with extra cheese, so we ordered a Mexican pizza, a Tiramisu in dessert and an ice cream is a must. I feel every mother should spend some quality time from their busy schedule with their kids, give them their own space and be friendly with them.

Back to home 
Once we were back she was telling her dad about our day together. She showed her new dress and she was explaining how she would get ready for her upcoming fancy dress competition. I had a great day with her and planning for a national park or a zoo in coming weeks. And its time for me to get relaxed after a whole day long out with my princess and I prefer playing online Bingo and for more info visit GameVillage Bingo

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