Christmas So Far.

I think it is safe to say that me and my partner have finished Christmas for our girls. However the only two things we need now is their main presents - bikes! Mia's got delivered yesterday in fact and we will go get Elliw's soon. All we need to do now is finish family and some friends presents but we haven't got many left to do! I really can't wait until the spending part is all over. I do think we have spent way too much this year but we have also had a lot of bargains too. I'm planning to wrap all the presents before Christmas Eve this year since my partner might be going to work Christmas Eve so I don't fancy spending the evening by myself wrapping all the presents so I think I will do it bit by bit.

We have been a lot more organised this year than we ever have been! To think we have actually bought all the girls' presents before December is a result. However, I will probably just buy some more paper and pencils and maybe some more books! As you can never have too much of them can you?

I have found this year very different. It's made me realise how grown up my girls are. I've been buying Barbie dolls for Mia and one for Elliw! Mia has more stationary things when Elliw has more girly things such as dolls etc. Oh and don't forget her Thomas The Tank toys too! She is obsessed with trains. I did find it hard to share the toys and make sure they both have roughly the same amount of toys to open on the day. I think I have shared them fairly but at the end of the day they will both be playing with each others toys and sharing them.

Are you all ready for Christmas this year?!


  1. Wow you really have got Christmas sorted out! Your girls are going to have the best time ever!

  2. Wow! I think you will have very happy girls come Christmas morning x

  3. Wow that's a lot of presents you've bought. I think I'm about half done.

  4. WOW! Looks like Christmas is definitely sorted xx

  5. You are so organised! I was pleased that I've bought 2 presents already!
    It looks like you've bought some lovely treats, your girls are going to have an amazing time unwrapping it all!


  6. Wow! Lucky Lucky girls! My kids would be Green with a Pile like that AND a main present on top!
    Sarah xx

  7. Wow that's a lot of packing! Well done for being so organised. x


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