Plan Your Child-Free Night.

I really do strongly believe that every single parent needs a break from their children. Relationships have a lot of ups and downs when there are children involved so it is always nice for the couple to have a child-free night or evening away. Me and my partner don't do it very often, maybe two or three times a year but one of those times is to do the Christmas shopping. I do think if you don't have a child-free night/evening then it can put a lot of strain/stress on yourself and your partner. It's always nice to have some time to yourself and together isn't it?
Having children mean we have to plan most things in advance. If you are looking for a babysitter then it is always best to put your child with someone you and child knows well. There are a few things you could do if you are planning a night away together.

Out for dinner.
You could book a table for you and your partner or your friends if you're going out with them. It's a great way to bond and what's even better is you won't have to do any dishes or cleaning up after yourselves. It's a great way to relax and get to know each other even more than you do. It may even bring some lovely memories back on how you both met.

I've not gone to many concerts but when I do I really enjoy myself! I've never gone with my partner but I would love to in the future. I've been with friends in the past and I absoloutley loved it. It's a great way to let yourself loose, be yourself and just enjoy yourself. For the first time in 15 years Culture Club is perfoming at The O2 on 9th December 2014. There is still time to get your Culture Club Tickets!

Quiet night in.
Maybe you just want a quiet night in at home. Order a takeaway and put your feet up! Its a bit different having those 'quiet night in' evenings when your child is upstairs sleeping but when your child is over at someone else's house I find that you can relax a bit more!

You could book some tickets to go watch a film with your partner or/and some friends. Another great way bonding and enjoying yourselves with having a child-free night. There are usually offers on certain days of the week with booking tickets, also there are offers if you are with certain phone companies! It might be a good thing to take a look at.

How do you spend your 'child free' night/evening?

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  1. My fella and I don't get many child free evenings so when we do we make the most of it usually with a meal out and then a few drinks afterwards.....Last time we had a night without kids it was nearly 4am by the time we got it.....hehehe


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