Word Of The Week.

That is my word of the week! The week has been blooming well fantastic too. A week today will be the night before we go away to Thailand so we are all very excited. A massive plus for this week is that both girls have been fantastic and so well behaved. Yes there has probably been a couple of arguments between them but that is normal right? Ignoring the one or two arguments my girls have been perfectly well behaved this week.
This is my first week of joining this great link up! Hope to link up to it as often as I can too!
The Reading Residence


  1. Wow! I would be so excited about that one! My older brother lives in Thailand, and hopefully when mine reach a phase of 'well behaved' we might be lucky enough to visit him. I hope you have a wonderful time. #WotW

  2. A fantastic word and it sounds like a fantastic week!
    Have a wonderful trip x

  3. What a great word to first link up with! So pleased it's been fantastic, and what an amazing trip you have on the horizon! Thanks for sharing and joining in with #WotW

  4. Awww a trip to Thailand is simply just fantastic! #wotw


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