The Ordinary Moments. Unexpected Weekend.

I thought I would join in on this linky as I see many other bloggers joining in and I have been meaning to get back in to linking up with linkys. So here is my first week at The Ordinary Moments.

Our first weekend back home and we were expecting to do quite a bit. We managed to go food shopping and take Elliw to a birthday party on Saturday whilst Mia was in her Dad's for the weekend. Saturday night I was really looking forward to go to bed early and have a good night's sleep but that didn't really happen. We haven't had a full night's sleep since we've come home and in the 3 week holiday we probably had 2 or 3 full night sleep.

Saturday evening we put Elliw to bed as normal then around 9pm we heard a really big cough which didn't sound too good so we went upstairs and noticed she had thrown up. She threw up quite a few times again after but she was desperate to go back to sleep but we had to keep washing her as it got into her hair and all over her pyjamas. Luckily it wasn't on the bed as she seems to settle on the floor at night times then when we go to bed we put her back into bed. We used A LOT of wet wipes to clean up the sick off the floor but it came off in the end. We waited downstairs for quite a bit first before we went to bed, just incase she threw up again but luckily she didn't She woke up twice that night, once where she had thrown up a little bit and the other for no reason but probably tummy pains.

As my partner had a lie in Saturday morning he gave me lie in Sunday morning and I really did make the most of it! I can't even remember hearing my partner and Elliw go downstairs so I must of been in a really deep sleep. They came back up to bed 11.30am to me and we had a lazy sunday morning in bed but Elliw still wasn't 100% so we decided to stay in and keep an eye on her. We had a very lazy Sunday and I loved it! Elliw fell asleep for a couple of hours which I thought would make her better but it didn't make much difference.

Monday (today) I thought she would feel much better after a night sleep but she is still poorly and currently sleeping on the sofa and has been sleeping for over 2 hours which never does because she never sleeps in the day. I hate seeing my children unwell especially when you know they are in pain and will no way take medicine and when they do they will throw it back up!


  1. Aww! Bless her....She looks so sad! I hope she's feeling better soon x

  2. Oh bless her, it's so horrible when they are poorly- she really looks so sad and fed up. I hope she feels better soon! Lovely to find your blog and thanks so much for joining in. :) xx

  3. Aww bless her, she looks so sad. Hope she's better now xx

  4. Ah poor little thing, I hope that she's over it now and she rested up over the weekend. #theordinarymoments


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