Dealing With Temper Tantrums.

We have all been through those terrible 2's and naughty 3's and if you have an older child then you will know it carries on! My eldest who is 5 now, she doesn't get her temper very often anymore but when she does then it gets quite bad. She will try her best to hurt me in punching, pinching, kicking, slapping, biting and screaming. It's like there's a switch that has been turned on and it's very difficult to switch off again because nothing will calm her down. Elliw is slightly different to Mia her temper is nearly every single day. Mostly it's when she won't wait and she wants something there and then but I will never give in to her as it's not teaching her anything. Why give something such a treat to a child if they ask for it by screaming and in a temper?

Be firm.
Change the tone of your voice really helps. For some reason if your voice is very firm and serious then sometimes the child will take you seriously and maybe listen but that doesn't always happen. Maybe they will be quiet for a bit and then start up again, that is when you may want to try other things.

Naughty Step.
Most people I know don't like using this or even the word. Some may call it the 'quiet corner' or the 'red step' but I call it the Naughty Step which is at the bottom step of the stairs but it is quite hard when I need to put both girls on the step! So one goes on the step and the other goes on the floor on the other side of the stairs so they can't see each other. I think it really does help calm them down and even help yourself calm down too. When you put them on the 'naughty step' you can go to another room and calm down and one of the biggest rule for a naughty step is to ignore. They will probably scream, kick and shout for the first few minutes or even longer but you should always try your best to ignore and if they come from there then just pick them up without saying a word and put them back. It will work in the end.

3 Chances.
This is one thing I do quite a lot if my girls are misbehaving. They get 3 chances to listen or do what I say otherwise they will go on the naughty step or they will miss out on something such as going to the park or getting a treat.

Reward Charts.
A reward chart can sometimes help a child behave. I've done it once or twice but I feel sometimes either I forget or the child forgets about it after a week or so.

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  1. Good tips, Osian's started having tantrums sometimes and I never know what to do! xx


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