1 Year

O N E  Y E A R
It's hard to believe that we have been living in our home for 1 whole year. Looking back on photos the other day of how it used to look whilst we were doing work on the house before we moved in it makes me realise that time does really go too fast. I am really happy and glad that we have bought this house, it really does feel like a home. There are still a lot of things we still need to do to the house but we're in no rush into doing them so we will take it day by day.

It's also weird to see that a year on that our previous private-rented house is now up For Sale and up For Rent, you can see an old post I did of my old house here.
I also did a post of how we were getting on, you can read that post here
I also did a little bedroom tour of Elliw's bedroom in our new home a few months ago which you can see here.

My favourite part of the house is our log burner. This isn't the best of photos but when it's burning and its a cold, rainy and windy evening then we really like to put this on. I think this is one thing that really does make this house a home in the winters. There is nothing worse than having a cold evening having to cover yourself up with a load of covers.

This house really does feel like home now, and I still can't believe a year has gone by. Time goes by quickly doesn't it?

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  1. Your kids are so cute! I love your log burner, it's on my list of requirements when we buy our next house haha! Carolyn



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