Playing Football With The Elephant

Mia had an amazing experience of playing football with an elephant when we were on holiday in Thailand! I hope she will remember bits when she is older but she does have photos and videos to look back on as memories. Mia and Elliw really wanted to visit the elephants so we went to a place that raises money for Elephants and a place that looks after them too. We all had a ride on an elephant which was pretty scary for me but the girls absolutely loved every minute. After the ride the girls got to feed the elephant which was another amazing experience for them and for us to watch!

We were then asked to sit down and we had a little show from a baby elephant who was gorgeous. All of a sudden the baby elephant started playing a musical instrument and came right up close to our faces which was amazing. After that the elephant started dancing to some music, put a hat on our heads and then Mia had an amazing chance to play football with the elephant. She is usually really shy but when it comes to certain animals her confidence comes out which is a really nice thing to see

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  1. so very cute what an amazing experience x

  2. Oh wow, that is such an amazing experience! That is something I am sure she will always remember!
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  3. Wow! What an fantastic experience. And you have some brilliant photos to help them remember it with.#PoCoLo

  4. Wow what an amazing experience. Definitely something that none of you will ever forget :). Thank you for joining in with Flashback Friday xx

  5. oh wow!! What an amazing experience.


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