Dealing With Naughty Three's.

D E A L I N G  W I T H  N A U G H T Y  T H R E E ' S
I thought Elliw's temper and behaviour couldn't get any worse. Well I was WRONG, so wrong. I do find it pretty hard to cope at times with her temper because most of the time she will just throw herself to the floor, scream so loud and kick the floor. It can be so stressful because it feels like she wants attention 24/7 and that can't happen especially when I have another child to look after, housework, hampers and my blog work to do. It's brought me to tears at least once a day and can be so tiring and it really doesn't help that she wakes up at least once in the night every single night. At the end of the day, she is just 3 years old and I just cope and deal with it. She won't be this young again, I try and deal with it in a certain way so she doesn't turn out to be a spoilt teenager basically.

When she starts moaning or crying over nothing then I do tend to ignore her, even though this can lead to her screaming and crying out loud even more but I try my best not to give in because she doesn't need to learn she can't get everything when she wants and she can't get everything when she misbehaves.

N A U G H T Y  S T E P // T I M E  O U T
I really do trust and love the naughty step. You can read on tips about the Naughty Step here. Some people don't like using it but some do and I am one of them. It has really worked for my girls and I will continue to use it until it stops.

B E  F I R M
Sometimes when a toddler throws a tantrum they are just in a totally different world and sometimes if we answer them back with anger and a wound up voice then it can trigger them off even more and that means they will definitely not listen you. Make your voice heard and make it firm. Lower yourself to their level and just be calm, sometimes this can help them calm down too and even listen.

L E A R N  P A T I E N C E
Every single child (most) think they can get what they want when they want but that is where the parents step in and learn them that they can't! What is the point giving them everything they want at the time THEY want it even when they misbehave? We aren't learning them anything then are we.

I am really hoping Elliw will grow out of this temper because sometimes it can be too much especially when we are out for the day. Even though it really doesn't bother me what other people say about my children screaming and crying if they don't like it then they can just leave or walk the other way, what I worry about is me breaking down in tears whilst i'm out! I've nearly done it once and I never want to do it again.

How do you cope with your child's tantrums?

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  1. Our daughter turns three in June, I think we escaped the terrible two's and hoping the "three's" won't be so bad - especially as she will become a big sister in September! Like you, I love the naughty step! It seems to be something that Darcie understands and it actually works too! Luckily we don't have to use it very often!

    Kay xxx


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