Fashion Friday

It's that day again! I cant believe it is Friday already, where has the past week gone? It's flown by. Well, I've still been a bit obsessed with wanting to buy new clothes BUT I haven't this week, shockingly. I have had clothes delivered to me as part of a review which will be up on the blog in the next few days.

Quite a few weeks ago I had bought a dress from NEXT (yes, you guessed it!) and it finally arrived last week. At first look I was a little bit undecided if I like it or not. Luckily, one of my friends were over so I tried the outfit on Elliw and I got my friends opinion and it was the same as mine! It really suited her. I thought the material of the dress wouldn't suit her but it really does, even the colour does. It looks really old fashioned and I think that is why the dress looks so nice.

Unfortunately I couldn't get any great photos and these were the best and funniest ones! She wouldn't stay still and the lighting was pretty rubbish so these photos will just have to do! I can't find the link for the dress online but it is online I bought it so it might not be in stock anymore.

The dress is 4-5 years so at first I thought I would have to wait until next year but luckily it fits her just right, maybe a little bit big but at least I know she can get the wear out of it now.


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  1. That dress is adorable, looks so vintage! Really suits her english rose look! I also love the leggings in the title image! So cool xx #weekendsbabystyle

  2. I love her pose in the second one!! Her outfit really does suit her, I love the colour of the dress, and the shirt underneath xx

  3. She is adorable and I absolutely love both these outfits!! What fab taste she (you haha) has! Her hair is gorgeous. What a lovely colour and that top knot is amazing. Wish mine looked as good as that! How cute is that shirt under that fab dress. The dress is such a lovely colour. I'm also loving the fine and dandy tee too, a lovely colour for spring. Thanks so much for linking up with is. Hope you have a great weekend!xx #weekendbabystyle

  4. What a cutie. I love the dress, and the shirt goes with it perfectly. Where did you get it from? #weekendbabystyle K x


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