Saving For Your Child's Future.

Us parents want our children to have a safe and best future they can have, to do this is up to us. There are ways that we can help to make their futures good. I never had any savings done for me when I turned 18 but my partner did and it has helped us with a lot of things when we are stuck in emergencies or needed help with buying some things we really needed but were to skint.

When the kids grow up we want them to go to Uni, pass their driving test and buy a house. It's most of our dreams and we want our children to have a better life than we have had, don't we? That is where we step in to help and save money for them to have the best possible future.

The main way of saving money for a child is opening up a bank account. With Santander you can open a Junior ISA account if your child under the age of 18. A great thing about opening a Junior ISA with Santander is that you can earn Tax Free Intrest and you can't do any withdrawals or closures until the child's 18th birthday.

With a child's Junior ISA bank account you can put money into the account when you can afford it or do it weekly/monthly whichever suits you. If you start when your child is newborn then just think of the amount of money your child can have when they turn 18. Both my girls have bank accounts and it's the best thing I have done for them. All their birthday, Christmas and Easter money goes straight into the bank as I know they will need much more when they are older than they do now because it us that provide for them now.
How do you save for your child's future?

* In collaboration with Santander.

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  1. I'm terrible, I haven't opened a account in The Madam's name just yet! I've been meaning to but life just takes hold doesn't it! I have accounts with Santander and Mr B and I have our joint savings there too, so perhaps it makes sense to have the Junior ISA for M there too. Good idea for all monetary gifts to go in the account too. Need to set one up pronto!



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