When Is It The Right Time To Plan Another Baby?

Planning for another addition to the family can be very important as yet again, your life will change again. It can be quite scary both parents and there are plenty of things to discuss before trying but when is it the right time to plan for another baby to join the family? Is there actually a right time?
You need to take a look at your relationship. Is it getting stronger? Is it breaking down? The last thing you need is to bring a baby into a broken relationship or a relationship you don't feel that will last. If you both see a long future or a 'happy forever after' with the relationship then that is a good sign. Every single relationship have arguments but if you feel like you argue every single day and just not happy but don't want to finish then maybe it would be best to sort out and concentrate on your relationship first before bringing a baby into it as having a baby could put more strain and stress onto your relationship again.

C H I L D R E N  / /  A G E  G A P
Before trying for another baby you may need to consider your other children too. If their behaviour is bad or any problems do you think you will be able to cope with another baby? Or if there is no problems then will you be able to cope with another baby every single day? You may also need to consider the age gap between the children. Is it too close? Will you be able to cope with children doing different milestones? Mia and Elliw have a 2 year 3 months age gap and I find it pretty hard at times but I am glad they have a close age gap as they have that special bond.

This is another thing you will need to discuss before trying for a baby. The simple question, can you afford another baby? Can you afford the pram, nappies, more wet wipes etc ? You need to make sure you money is stable and you can both afford another baby before trying.

Y O U R  H E A L T H
You both may need to take a look at eachother's health. Do you think you can both deal and cope with another baby added to the family? If you feel depressed or any other health problems you may need to take a step back and concentrate on your own health first before trying and planning.

You may need to take a look at your life right now and in the future. For example, your home. Have you got a stable home? Is there enough room for a new addition?

T H E  R I G H T  T I M E  F O R  Y O U  ?
Is it the right time for you? It is only you and your partner who will know when the right time is. No one else. The right time for me to have another baby (if we were ever to plan another) is when both girls are in full time school (9am - 3pm) so then I get a bit more spare time with baby and me whilst partner goes to work. There will be a 7 year gap between the baby and Mia and a 4-5 year gap between baby and Elliw. That would be my perfect time to have another baby, but I am yet to discuss all this.

When was the right time for you to plan another child?

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  1. I dont think there is ever a right time , there is 10 years between my oldest two and only 14 months between my youngest two. It is so hard having two so close in age but also so nice. I would love another baby but i don't think we will as i would have no room for a fourth xx


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