Why I Got The Mirena Coil Removed

W H Y  I  G O T  T H E  M I R E N A  C O I L
When I decided to get the Mirena Coil fitted in in 2012 not many people (that I knew) knew about it and kept asking me what it was. Well basically the mirena coil is another form of contraception that gets inserted into the woman. It is a 'T' shape device that gets inserted into your womb by an experienced doctor or nurse. There are 2 types of coils, one is the Copper Coil and the other is Mirena Coil. The Copper Coil have no hormones and Mirena Coil apparently has a very small hormone in it.
M I R E N A  C O I L
- The mirena coil is just over 99% effective.
- People with heavy periods usually choose the Mirena Coil as it helps heavy periods or stop periods all together.
- The Mirena coil can be uncomfortable when it gets inserted that is why it may be best to take some paracetomal. It may also hurt more for women who have not had babies.
- Usually gets inserted during your period as it is easier to insert.
- Another reason to why I decided to have the coil was because fertility comes back straight away once taken out. The Mirena Coil even lasts for 5 years which is great and it's something you don't have to try and remember to take every day.
- Mood swings. Even though I was told that there is no hormone in the Mirena Coil to cause mood swings. I had the Coil inserted for nearly 3 years and the last 2 years I was extremely moody and it didn't help that I was going through depression either.
- Skin problems. You may have skin problems when you have the coil, I came out in a few stops now and then but not often so I haven't really had this symptom. If you do have any skin problems, it is very important to visit a doctor or see a specialist such as a London dermatologist.
- Breast Tenderness. This was really annoying in my experience. My breasts would feel really sensitive at times and really hurt/sting.
- Headaches. I don't see this written down much in symptoms with the Mirena Coil but headaches is on thing I experienced the most. I had a headache most days of the week and sometimes they were really painful headaches.
- Weigh Gain. Some people are thought to gain weight but this hasn't been my case.
- Pregnancy Symptoms. I did notice this in the past year. I had a few scares where I thought I was pregnant even though I knew the chance was so slim, but for some reason your body and mind makes you think you are and I have read that quite a few other people have had this symptom too.
C O P P E R  C O I L
I haven't had the copper coil so I haven't experienced having this or any of the symptoms so I can only say what I have been told by the nurse and what I have researched.
The Copper Coil is the same 'T' shape as the Mirena Coil and can only be inserted by a trained and qualified doctor or nurse. It can be painful or just a little uncomfortable to be inserted so it may be best to take some paracetomal before you get it inserted. The copper coil can last 5 to 10 years but all depends on what type you have.
- Heavier periods. If you are looking for something to help your periods be shorter or lighter then this is not the thing for you. You are better of going with the Mirena Coil which may lighten, shorten or even stop your periods. Although you are more than likely to get heavier, painful and longer periods in the first 6 months they may calm down later but you may also experience spotting and bleeding during periods too.
There aren't many symptoms I can write down although I have researched that a few people have experienced mood swings, nausea and hair change. However, there is no hormone in the Copper Coil and the main symptoms are stomach cramps/pains and Heavier, longer and more painful periods.
In all honesty I was really bricking it when I had made the appointment to remove the coil because I had the appointment pretty quick! I remember on the day of removal I took some paracetomal because I had read up it would be a good idea to take some just incase of cramps after removal so that is what I did. I went into the waiting room and my stomach was turning, you would think I was going to go through something much worse, I have no idea why I was so worried and nervous. I was asked to go through to a room and got asked quite a few questions as to why I wanted it to be removed etc. I kept repeating I didn't like my mood swings then they tried to get me to take the Copper Coil and I really don't think they understood that I just wanted to feel myself for a change, I just wanted the coil out and just let my body get back to normal for a good month then consider going on the pill.
I lay down on the bed and they were ready to do the removal. It was exactly the same as when I got it inserted if I'm honest. Felt a little uncomfortable but in 2 seconds it was out and I was ready to go. I was expecting the nurse to tell me what I was going to expect after but she didn't say anything! She didn't seem to pleased that I was wanting the coil out so I guess I shouldn't of expected any answers after the removal.
Since I wasn't told any symptoms I would get after the removal I will tell you experience since having the Mirena Coil removed.
- Heavy bleeding. I got the coil removed on the Monday and Tuesday night I suffered bad cramps and then early morning Wednesday I started bleeding heavily. It wasn't pleasant. I had to change pads every 1-2 hours and that carried on for about 4 days then it just went to a normal bleed and then to spotting. In total it lasted about 7 days.
- Cramps. I suffered really bad cramps from the 2nd day and lasted atleast a week. Not even paracetomal helped the pain sometimes.
- Feeling unwell. Since the removal my stomach has been quite poorly. It hasn't been fun at all.
- Tired and lack of energy. This has played a big part since I've had the removal. I've been so tired and feeling like I have no energy at all. Pretty hard when I've got two children to look after and a lot of school runs to do daily.
W H Y  G E T  I T  R E M O V E D ?
You can probably guess to why I chose the Mirena Coil. I really didn't fancy suffering really bad stomach cramps or pains and heavier periods. Instead I suffered bad mood swings, so bad that I took it out on my poor partner! He had my bad mouthed mood most days of the week! Since I removed it my moods have been much better. The main reason I wanted the coil out was I really just wanted to feel myself for a change. Let my body get back to the real me, it hasn't been a pleasant way to feel back to normal but i'm starting too! I now just have to wait for my period cycle to get back to normal then I can start thinking about the Pill.

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