A Few Of My Favourite Bloggers

I have come across some amazing bloggers recently and I thought i'd share with you my most favourite ones which I read/visit daily or at least every other day!

♥ Catriona - Loved By Mummy
I know this Blogger in real life, in fact she went out with my brother for quite a few years and is the Mother to my nephew. I absolutely love reading her blog and reading the updates of Osian. She takes lovely photos and is a brilliant writer.

♥ Kerry - Oh So Amelia
It was Kerry's blog who gave me inspiration to make my own Blog. She has helped me through loads of things about my Blog and I really appreciate her for it. I really enjoy reading updates on her two gorgeous children Amelia and Harrison. She writes about a few things from pregnancy to home interior.

♥ Alice - New Young Mum
I've only recently found Alice's blog and I really do enjoy reading it. I love reading her recipes and updates about her little girl Amelia who is gorgeous!

♥ Emma - Sophie Ella And Me
This is another blog I only found recently and I read her lovely blog really often now since I found it. I love her 'home inspiration' posts and updates on her little girl. She has some great advice for parenting.

♥ Debs - Super Busy Mum
I have been following Debs' blog around the same time as Kerry and Catriona's. So for quite a while! I really enjoy reading her posts. I think her blog is quite different and unique from a lot of other blogs and I really like that and I think that's what makes me really like her blog. I love her posts about her 3 youngest children, they're so adorable!

♥ Sarah - Knott Bump And Us
I found Sarah's blog through the 'Weekend Baby Style Linky' which I link up to every Friday. I love reading her posts and getting updated.

These are in no order and only some of my favourite bloggers. Take a read!
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  1. There are some great blogs listed above! Thank you so much for including mine lovely xx

  2. Fabulous bloggers, I love posts like this sharing blog love. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x


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