For the past week I have been reviewing a memory foam mattress topper from MattressNextDay. I received a phone call to arrange a suitable date for them to deliver. The mattress topper came on a Tuesday around mid-day which was ideal for me, especially with the school runs.

The mattress came in a tall box rolled up, as shown in the photo below. I was really excited to try out the mattress topper because we were in need of a new mattress as it was so uncomfortable but since having the mattress topper I don't think we will need to buy a new mattress, unless we get a bigger bed.

I rolled out the mattress topper and as you can see it was un-even and not in shape so I waited a few hours before I put on any covers. I was a bit nervous. I wasn't sure if it would go into shape, but it did just in time for bed!
"I finally had a good night sleep!'

I couldn't wait to get into bed that first night. The mattress felt higher and I like that. When I went into bed it felt like a brand new bed. It was so comfortable. I finally had a good night sleep. I struggled to wake up in the mornings before but now with this mattress topper I really do struggle. My partner is really pleased with the mattress topper, he has a good nights sleep too and finds it very comfortable.

The mattress topper goes back into shape straight away when you come off it. All you have to do is put the mattress topper on top of your mattress and put your normal fitted covers over, it's as simple as that. The mattress topper has totally transformed my bed!

This mattress topper is for a double bed. The price for a double bed size is £29.99 (was £59.99). You can also order a single or king size mattress topper too!

Visit MattressNextDay here.

* I was given this product free of charge, in return of an honest review. As always, all opinions and images are my own.

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  1. I have never tried a one of these before but it looks and sounds like a great idea x #triedtested


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