When you have children it is true that your heart grows bigger and your bank account grows smaller. The prices on nappies, wet wipes, food and clothes these days are quite expensive and the prices are just going to get higher. I dread to think what the prices are going to be once Mia and Elliw are older. Me and my partner always try to think of different ways to save money.

Even though you are spending your money when you shop there are plenty of ways you could save money whilst shopping.
  • Vouchers - You can look around for vouchers online, in magazines and in newspapers. Even if it is just a few pennies off, every penny helps!
  • Shopping List - Sometimes if you go for a food shop without a list you tend to buy more than what you want and sometimes you will buy things you don't need. Spending a bit more time in the kitchen and writing down what you need can really help you save some money.
  • Choose the right shop - Don't just go to a certain Supermarket because it's closer because it may be the most expensive supermarket. There are plenty of shops too choose from these days. To save money it is always best to look around.
  • Sign up online/Cards - With some supermarkets you can get a supermarket card and gain points every time you spend. Every few weeks or months you will receive vouchers with money off or you can spend points on something else in some supermarkets. You can sign up online with some shops and receive free money off vouchers through the post or e-mail.
  • Online Shopping - You can see how much you're spending when you shop online. Sometimes when you go out shopping you miscalculate what you buy, which means you spend more than what you wanted.

I have direct debit on all my bills. It's my life saver. If I didn't have direct debit I think I would be in so much debt right now. If you are like me, someone who forgets a lot of things then direct debit could be right for you. With some companies you can choose a date on when you want your money taken out. Sometimes setting up a direct debit can save you some money at the end of the year. The main reason I have set up direct debit for all my bills is because I will most probably get charged for missed payments as I forget things so easily.

Many people smoke these days. My partner has started smoking again which is a shame because he had done so well! He had stopped for over a year and a half. I worked out that the average pack of fags cost £3.33 for 10. If you bought a pack of 10 fags for £3.33 per week then you will be spending an astonishing £173.16 per year! How shocking is that? Most smokers buy a 20 pack or more a week so if you double that £173.16, it is just shocking how much money some people can spend on fags.

We used to buy a takeaway atleast once or twice a week a while back but we have tried to go without a takeaway some weeks. On an average order we would spend £15. If you spend around £15 a year you will be spending £60 a month and a shocking £780 a year on takeaways. Is it really work spending £780 on a Chinese or any other takeaway? Or would you like to spend that money towards a holiday?

If you are trying to save money for Christmas or just want to save money then signing up online to save for vouchers could be the right thing for you. I am currently saving up £30 a month with ParkTV, and by the end of the year I will have saved roughly £300. Which will be ideal for me around Christmas time.

You could open up a savings account with your bank. Usually this is done by making an appointment with your bank. You could do a direct debit monthly or weekly. If you save £5 a week you could save £260 a year!  If you pick it up a bit and pay £10 a week you could save an amazing £520 a year! How great would that?

There are so many ways you can save money. Even ways you might not even think about. Money Advice Service gives you 101 ways you could save money! You can also visit MoneyAdviceService to receive support and advice to save money.

Do you have any tips on money saving?


  1. These are great tips. We are currently trying to cut back on spending. We moved supermarkets and its amazing how much we have saved!! #mmwbh xx

  2. Really good tips! We've stopped having takeaways and eating out pretty much altogether now from twice a week. It's crazy how much money we were spending on food! xx

  3. Shopping for many people is always not as much fun as it seems. Sometimes it seems everything costs more, and some individuals and families have less money to pay for what they actually need. So it’s better to try some online shopping and pick only the necessary things what everyone need.

  4. The usually seems all sorts of things bills a lot more, as well as those people and even family contain less of your budget to pay more for everything that some people really need. As a result it’s better to have a shot at various web based hunting and even pick out primarily the stuff everything that almost everyone demand.

  5. It was indeed a great on how to save your money. But, sir/Mam can you help give me tip on National Debt Relief and how to het rid of it. Though, I have gone through and got some of the idea but still I want to know more.


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