I love taking a photo of both girls together. In my village there a few nice places to go for a walk with the kids and we tend to go for a walk on this certain path pretty often, especially now that it is one of the paths that we can walk on to go home. It's perfect for the girl to run around and just be free, although Elliw likes to hold my hand most of the time when she walks.
I started taking photos of them both sat on the same bench, I don't know why I started doing it but I have three photos so far and I think it will be nice to look back on when they are older. Also, it would be lovely to see in a photo album, watching them grow!
Looking at these three photos make me realise how much they have grown. The baby features have well and truly gone out of Mia and nearly from Elliw! I can't wait to take more of these photos throughout the next few years coming!

Do you take photos in the same place to watch your children grow?
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  1. What lovely pictures.. Your girls are beautiful!

    Emma x

  2. Oh My goodness what a lovely idea (which I may pinch sorry) Look how much they have grown up. so sweet Thanks for linking up - Parenting - #ToddlersAndTeens


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