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I really regret not starting this when Big Brother started but better late than never, right? I am loving Big Brother this year! At first I wasn't too keen on the timebomb but I am so glad that they swapped housemates. It's made the house a lot more lively, although I do think other housemates should have gone instead of Harriet and Sarah. Maybe one day they will return with the timebomb? Only time will tell!

This week we are not voting to evict someone out of the house, we are voting for a housemate to be put in a secret bunker with 3 other old housemates! How cool is that! Apparently Big Brother Legend Nikki Grahame is set to come back! If it's true then I can't bloody wait. Roll on Friday.

Up for the fake eviction this week is: Marc, Simon and Sam.

If it was a real eviction I would love Simon to leave but seeing as it's a fake eviction I would like to see Marc to go to the secret bunker. I really like Marc. I think he's brought a lot more entertainment to the house this year. Read more below of what I think about all housemates.

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What I think about this years housemates {Written June 10th 2015};

When Marc entered the house I really disliked him. Then I started to hate him. He irritated the hell out of me. The more I am watching him I can see her has feelings, most of the things he says are true and honest and pretty hilarious! He says a lot of banter which a lot of people just don't understand. Me and my partner talk to eachother a little bit like how Marc talks so I do find his humour quite funny at times. I don't agree with him when he called Chloe fat and how he is offensive to girls sometimes but other than that he is my favourite to win this year!

First impressions of Chloe I was unsure. I thought she was going to be one of the first ones to leave but I have gotten to like her a bit more. She is funny in her ways and she is just a normal girl. It's nice to see a nice and honest girl in there. We have seen another side to Chloe recently since Marc and Simon have entered the house. We've seen her arguing and getting pretty upset with comments they say. It's good how she sticks up for herself. Although she is a great housemate I can't see her winning the show.

I honestly think Cristian tries too hard. He irritates me with his facial expressions when he talks sometimes. I find him pretty boring but maybe that is because he doesn't get much air time so we don't really know him as well as all the other housemates. A lot of people say he is the eye candy of the house, he is attractive but I wouldn't say he is the best. Again, I can't see Cristian lasting to the final.

When Sarah {old housemate} was in the house I was getting really bored of Danny. All he kept talking about was Sarah. Since she has left we have seen a lot more of him. Just like Chloe, I find him a very honest and decent man. He seems like someone I could really get along with. He has a lot of respect for people in the house and again, he sticks up for himself if needed. I could see him getting into the final. I don't think he would win but I would like to see him in the final 3.

Right, what is it with this girl? The minute she entered the house there was something fishy about her. You can tell she is only walking around the house half naked {and naked sometimes} just to get air time. I know that is what the show is about but why feel the need to flash your t*ts and f*nny?! Apparently walking and cooking naked is a 'normal' thing for her and she doesn't realise half of the time. So how come she always giggles and laughs when she is naked? Also, she really needs to back off from Nick. Nick is a proper mug and you can tell Harry is using him. But I am not sure if she is using him for air time or a 'showmance'? What do you think? I honestly don't think she will win or be in the top final 3.

Maybe many people will totally disagree with me on this one. When Jack entered the house, he seemed like the funny one, he seemed like the 'Winner!' {atleast I thought}. Oh how I was wrong! I want him OUT! NOW! The annoying facial expressions he makes. The way he talks really irriates me. You can tell her trying way to hard. Which is a shame because I am sure he has a great personality but he isn't showing it 100% {my opinion}. His tempers get on my nerves and I really hope he leaves soon.

I kind of like Jade. She can get annoying when she argues and does that patronising face and squeaky voice but she brings us a bit of entertainment right? I'm glad she isn't as cuddly with Nick anymore! She did get pretty boring then but she seems like a down to earth girl who is always up for a laugh. She isn't in my final 3 though.

I've always liked Joel. He is well spoken and so grown up for his age! You would never think he is only 19 years old. He can be quite boring when he talks about politics {only because I don't understand!} but otherwise he is quite hilarious in other things he says. I absolutely love his accent! I think I'd like to see Joel in the final 3!

Nick can be pretty funny at times! But what else do we really see Nick doing other than cuddling up with Harry-Amelia and/or Jade?! He is a right mug with Harry, which is a shame. He's admitted he is a virgin {nothing wrong with that}. He can sound quite cringey when he says that he feels sexually frustrated when he is in bed with Harry. I just wish he could open his eyes a bit and know he is getting used but maybe he won't see that because he's never had sex before and he has a pornstar cuddling partner! My opinion, I don't think he will be in the final 3.

Sam was a fun and bubbly girl coming into the house. I thought 'great! Someone fun and entertaining' but it's turned. She seems to just love bouncing and trying to get attention from Marc. Which is a shame that she has to make entertainment that way. She has made herself seem quite selfish such as the time when Eileen {old housemate} was evicted Sam asked how does the whole eviction thing work etc. and said something along the lines 'I can't wait to be famous' & 'i'm going to try my bestest to get as far on TV as possible' {along those lines}. From that day I did loose a bit of respect. I was disappointed that she could say something like that just after an eviction and I won't vote for anyone to win when they have a mind like that.

SHOWBIZ... I mean Simon, sorry. Urgh. Please just get him out. I am fed up of his crocodile tears. Fake. Fake. FAKE! He is very two faced and I can't stand people who won't own up when they have done something wrong. Simon entered the house with the original housemates but he was the first housemate to be evicted with the timebomb twist! Pretty tight right? That's what I thought. I was gutted! He was only there for 5minutes and seemed like such a laugh. He sounded bubbly and so much fun but all that was FAKE. You can probably tell that I am so disappointed. I thought he could replace Aaron {ejected housemate}. I thought he was going to be fun like him, but no! He's total opposite.

I'd love to know who your most and least favourite housemates are in the Big Brother House this year?
Keep a look out for my next Big Brother Posts over the next coming weeks. I will posting updates and gossip from the house! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love Big brother...
    I hated Marc when he first went in but I've grown to like him....At least he's honest and will say something to your face and not behind your back! The sooner Simon goes the better.....Enough with the crying!!
    This year I have no idea who will win! I'm thinking Chloe or Jack x

  2. I didn't think Nick was a virgin I thought that was Jack and Joel?

    Anyway I adore Joel and really have him down as my winner, I definitely want Marc in the secret room and am so with you on Jack!! So irritating


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