How To Gain More Readers.

The past few months I've been really busy Blogging. I've had a lot of work coming in and with being really busy on blog, I've earned more views and readers. When I first started my blog I remember getting excited that I had about 20 or 30 views that day. A few months ago I was getting roughly 80-150 (if I was lucky) page views a day. Now I have roughly 250 - 600 page views a day! It may not be a lot to some Bloggers but I think I am doing pretty good! At the end of the day, I don't blog just to gain more viewers, I blog because I enjoy it and to document my family life. Some people may ask how did I get more views in such little time? Getting only 80-150 views a day then all of a suddeni started to get 250 - 600 views, quite a big jump! Here is just a few things I did -

Be Organised and Update
If you know me in person, I am not a very organised person. I forget things so easily, I am hopeless at remembering dates and days! I have learnt to post ahead, I have about 15 scheduled posts up right now. Usually by the end of the first week of the month I have already got posts scheduled for the rest of the month. I never used to do this, but I have noticed I have gained more readers since having a new blog post up daily or every other day.

Social Media
I never used to be a fan of Twitter but one day I decided to look more into it, and I love it! Every morning I will have a look at my Twitter account. I try my best to remember to post my recent posts on Twitter and my Facebook page. I share my posts on Facebook groups related to Blogging. I do feel that this has helped a lot.

I've always enjoyed linking up to linky's but I always used to forget to link up or I forgot which blog the linky was on. I now have a list in my notepad and on a blog page of all my favourite linkies, which you can see here.

Comment on other blogs.
This has definitely played a big part in gaining more traffic. Every time I link up to a linky I comment on at least 3 or more blogs but if I know I have time, then I will comment on quite a lot! Sometimes up to 15 or more. Being a Blogger I think you need to show your support. All Bloggers should support each other.

Be patient & Be yourself.
You can't gain more traffic overnight. You have to work hard, be patient and just be yourself. Still blog as you'd normally do and do all the things I said above and just be patient.

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  1. Love this post, I have started to put more time into my blog and now just need to get more organised and be more social. I have twitter but always forget to post on it.


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