...is beautiful.

  {Bangkok Airport, when we arrived for the first time}
It really is. I went on a plane for the first time ever in February. I had no idea how high the plane went and I was truly stunned by the stunning views. I tried to take a few photos. I didn't take as many as I wanted, I was too tried! I wanted too sleep.
7th February arrived. I was nervous. I was panicking. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was, I was going to Thailand! Oh, and I had to go on a plane for the first time ever. The taxi arrived. We packed all of our cases and off we went. We reached Manchester airport. It was quiet (we were lucky). Then we had to go through security, which panicked me. I didn't like that part. Anyway, we passed and off we went for food. Since we had about 2 hours to waste.
It was time to board. We sat in our seats. Not much leg room, but it had a TV and a cheap quality pillow. Which was OK I guess. I couldn't see much, it was a night flight. When we were up, the lights were stunning. Most people on the plane tried to go to sleep. I tried too. But I couldn't. I wasn't feeling myself, I was getting a lot of stomach cramps and feeling ill. Probably the nerves.
I kept looking at the time on the TV. I also kept looking at where about in the sky we were, which I shouldn't of because I am sure it made the flight feel much longer. We finally arrived at Abu Dhabi Airport. I absoloutley hated it there. We were at the small part, so many people and nowhere to sit. Although it was interesting looking at different people, but I was so tired. We were standing for over 2 hours. Then I had to change the girls before the next flight. I felt exhausted. After 3 hours of waiting, we finally went back on the plane and had fast track because we had children. Again, I could not feel comfortable on the flight. I was still feeling unwell.
We reached Thailand, finally. But we had another 2 hour journey in a taxi. I finally fell asleep most of the way. The time I was awake, I looked at the views out the window. It was dark, but the lights were stunning, again.
It was around midnight when we reached the house. We were all shattered. We all went straight to bed. I was lucky that the girls went to sleep pretty quickly. The next morning, I felt weird. I didn't feel like I was in Thailand. I couldn't wait to go out an explore more of Hua Hin. My partners parents go the Thailand every 3 months. They have a stunning house there. I always thought about how Thailand looked and how hot it was. That is another thing I felt weird, was the heat. It was just so warm(hot). We did so many things in Thailand. The views were stunning. The way people lived and talked were very interesting and I really can't wait to visit Hua Hin, Thailand again! We all really enjoyed ourselves.
After 3 weeks, it was time to leave. The day we were leaving was the hottest day yet! I would walk to the living room and I was sweating. It was so hot. Not even the fan cooled me down. We all got everything packed ready to go. A gorgeous taxi picked us up around 7pm. The 2 hour journey to Bangkok Airport started. I saw more things and I loved it!
We arrived at Bangkok Airport, woaah! It was HUGE! It was extremely busy. I held Mia's hand tightly and Elliw was in the pram. We went through customs and security, again. We had about a 3 hour wait until we boarded. I actually enjoyed this flight. I managed to watch 2 films. St Vincent and Paddington Bear which I forgot what is called. I managed to get some sleep too.
{Bangkok Airport}

We reached Abu Dhabi. We were only supposed to have a 3 hour wait until the next flight but there was a delay. In total we waited 6 hours! Luckily, we had somewhere to sit and girls were pretty well behaved. It was time to get the last flight back home. The views were stunning. I didn't feel 100% but I managed to get some sleep and I felt the flight was much quicker.
The best part of flying was when the plane started revving and going much faster to go up in the air! I have no idea why, but it got me really excited to go abroad and back home! Writing this post, has made me realise how much I miss Thailand.
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  1. Wow, what beautiful photos, we were supposed to go to Thailand last year. I was gutted that we had to cancel due to my anxiety. Thanks for sharing #sharewithme

  2. Beautiful photos! Glad you enjoyed your first flight so much x

  3. SO pretty up there isnt it! I am so scared to fly now after all the plane accident events but would definitely go and fly again if I can go home. My home country is near Thailand! This is such a refreshing read. #sharewithme

  4. I've been flying since I was 2, so I think I forget about what an extraordinary thing it really is for humans to travel so high above the planet. How wonderful for your first flight to be to Thailand! I've only ever flown through Bangkok on Thai Airways on the way to Bangladesh or Singapore. I did once get delayed and put up in a hotel, but I didn't see much from the taxi.

    My 9-year-olds will be flying unaccompanied this summer. Talk about nerve-wracking!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  5. Wow! i love your photos from the plane. I have always tried to get a good photo but have never managed it. #Sharewithme #TwinklyTuesday #MMWBH #MyFavouritePost xx Mummy2Monkeys xx

  6. Stunning pictures! I miss flying, haven't flown since 2010! Time to get back on a plane I think :)

  7. I fly often enough that I start to take for granted how amazing it really is. I still can't say I completely understand how it all works.

  8. Fantastic flying photos we are just about to fly across the world back home to my parents with the kids they love looking out the window and taking photos of the sky above and it's fluffy sunny clouds. Glad you returned safely. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  9. What beautiful photos - and that airport is HUGE! Thank you for linking up to #MyFavouritePost Kaz x

  10. Wow, that's a major trip for someone who hadn't flown before. Your pics are awesome, you get a different perspective on things with views like this Thanks for linking up with #MyFavouritePost

  11. I love flying and going on holidays, i have never been to Thailand though but i have heard that it is an amazing place xx #sharewithme

  12. When we flew to Nepal this year I saw Mount Everest from the aeroplane sticking up above the clouds. It was the most awesome and mystical sight I have ever seen! Sometimes, it's the journey that counts...... #bestandworst

  13. Aww long journeys with little ones hun! You did well and sorry you felt a bit rubbishy! The pictures are just stunning. My fave part of flying is the take off! I hope you get to go back. Thailand is on my bucket list! Thanks for linking with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

  14. Beautiful photos!! And a long flight for your first one! I've never been to Thailand, but its on the list of places to visit!

  15. That was quite an adventure! The way you describe your flight out is making me feel a bit claustrophobic and itchy - like I felt when I went to New Zealand. Such a horrible feeling that you're cooped up for hours and hours! It sounds like it was worth the discomfort though! Great pictures. Becky x #bestandworst


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