Okiiyo Giveaway

Okiiyo is giving one lucky reader a chance to win an Okiiyo! I had never seen or heard of these before I was contacted. I have looked into it and they are awesome! You can read more about what an Okiiyo is here.

Okiiyo is MicroSD card holder which you can attach to any device. If you pull Okiiyo's head then you can have your very own stylus! Great for any touch screen device such as an iPad or a touchscreen phone. You can never loose your Okiiyo! You can keep your Okiiyo save by attatching it to your bag or mobile phone.

You can download a game on your phone and scan your Okiiyo, which will make your Okiiyo come to life! You can find the game if you search 'Okkipong'.

"Okiiyos are born to love!  Did you know that every living thing on planet earth has their very own Okiiyo? They are everywhere! They are your feelings in colour – born from good and bad moods, most are here to make you happy.
Okiiyos are pleased by emotions that are found around everyone, so depending on what you are going through, a different colour Okiiyo will appear to be your smartPal – but sometimes there are bad Okiiyos that turn up to try and make you feel unhappy and we do not like them!"

Please read terms and conditions before you enter.

1 | To be entered, you must answer the question above.
2 | Giveaway starts 1st June 2015.
3 | Giveaway ends 8th June 2015 at 11.59pm.
4 | No cheating. You will be disqualified.

Good Luck


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