My Goals | June

You might of read my new weight loss journey. I've decided to do Slimming World from home and change my weigh in days to Saturday Mornings instead. I think it will work much better for me. I needed to stop be so obsessive with syns and watching what I eat. So I thought because I have changed my weigh days to Saturday mornings I can easily stick to plan 100% through the whole week Monday to Friday. I am really excited for my new journey and I really hope it turns out successful.

I've set myself some goals for this month, hoping that this will help me too. It will be a monthly thing I will be doing and seeing by the end of the month if I have achieved my goals or not.

1 | Loose 7lbs.
2 | Only have two takeaways.
3 | Go for more walks.
4 | Start running.
5 | Start back with my home workouts, atleast 20 minutes a day.
6 | Do 15 squats each morning.
5 | Get back into the 14 stone bracket.

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  1. Good luck with your goals - I'm weight watching from home too using Myfitnesspal to keep me on track

  2. I also want to wish you Good Luck with your goals, Once you start and your body gets in to a routine you will be all the way!!! Don't be too strict or you will sicken yourself.
    I lost over 1 stone in a month but my diet was too strict, I am going to start my diet again when i get my next shop in (next week)
    Good Luck and please keep us updated.
    Oh and power walking is just as good as running well so i have heard ;)


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